Master of engineering in mobile and pervasive computing
Programme Educational Objectives

TIFAC  To impart strong fundamentals in the principles of Mobile and Pervasive Computing technology
     and create adept human resources to design and develop Pervasive Computing Solutions
TIFAC   To provide hands - on practice and to facilitate anytime, anywhere computing through a
      set of intelligent devices scattered across the environment
TIFAC   To engage the pervasive engineers with research blended education based on industry requirements
      and to initiate them to take part in various turn key solutions and research publications
TIFAC   To enhance their interpersonal skills through various academic and technical competitions
TIFAC   To kindle the learning interest and sharpen the industry oriented skills of the pervasive
      engineers with a focus on a specific resource skill set
TIFAC   To provide ample facilities for extracurricular activities and to inculcate value based engineering
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