Embedded and Applied Computing  
As a backbone to the core activities, we understand the responsibilities our self and pursuing both industry and social relevant projects.
About Embedded Group

We, Embedded and Applied Computing Group at TIFAC-CORE, Velammal Engineering College, Chennai extend the guidance and products into below mentioned categories:

TIFAC Industrial Automation
TIFAC Technical Education
TIFAC Product Development
TIFAC Research and Development

Industrial Automation
We extend our research perspective and technical support in the interest of industry automation to maintain global standards.

Technical Education
We, as an academician can provide value added courses including microcontrollers, PLC, SCADA and Embedded Systems and guide the students in these areas.

Product Development
Number of research products are carried out in the area of embedded systems including DAQ based process automation, wireless and telemetry based process control, etc.

Research and Development
Our diligent and inspired research gives an edge over the competitors and forces at the forefront of our field. We are continuously seeking ways to improve our education and services. A big part of resources are put into research and development to understand better several key mechanisms that can help us do our job better and to improve in that field. The primary aim of R&D process is to maximize the output and minimize the expenditure and eliminate risk of our customers.

People Involved
TIFAC Dr. A. Balaji Ganesh Ph.D.,
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People Involved
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