Publications by TIFAC CORE staff - March 2006 till date
TIFAC Dr. Vijaya Kumar, An efficient Multiple Multicast Routing in Mobile Networks, International Journal on Wireless Personal Communications, April 2006.
TIFAC Shriram. R, Vijayan Sugumaran, Epominandas Kapetanios Cross Lingual Information Retrival and Delivery on Community Mobile networks, International Conference on Digital Information Management - Dec 2006.
TIFAC Shriram.R, Sugumaran.V, " M-Commerce Application Architecture Using Adaptable Middleware," Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on e-Business (WeB ' 06) Milwaukee,WI, Dec 9, 2006.
TIFAC Shriram.R, Sugumaran V, Adaptive Middleware Architecture for Information Sharing on Mobile Phones, ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Seoul, Korea, March 11 - 15, 2007.
TIFAC Meenakshi Sundaram A S, Mahesh Babu M, Manikandan C, Rhymend Uthariaraj V, Shriram R, "Improving Prediction Accuracy in Context-Aware Smart Homes Using K-Markov Model", IJSC International Journal of Soft Computing, vol. 2, no. 2, Apr 2007, pp. 273-278.
TIFAC Mrs. B. Venkatalakshmi and Dr. Vijaya Kumar, A Reliable Power Aware Routing for Ad-Hoc Networks, National Conference on Netwoking 16,17 March 2006 - Best paper award.
TIFAC Shriram. R, Ranjith.B and Ganesan.R, Language localization for Tamil in Mobile Phones, National Conference on mobile localization and Keypad standarization held in July 2006. (Best keypad design award).
TIFAC G.Kannan , R.Prabakaran and R.Ganesan ,"Dynamic Power Management for Embedded and Portable devices" National Conference on Embedded Systems, Kalasalingam University, Srivilliputhur, Mar 16-17 2007.
TIFAC Rajesh Kannan.R, Ganesan.R, "Design and development of test applications for the Cable Ethernet Switch Components in Pervasive Environments" , National Conference on Applications of Intelligent Systems in Engineering, KSR College of Technology, 28-29 March 2007.
TIFAC Vijayakumar.S participated in "MCS Electronics Design Contest 2007" a worldwide design contest for microcontroller programmers conducted by MCS Electronics, Netherlands and won First prize during July 2007.
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